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He won’t turn 20 until January next year, but Remco Evenepoel is not waiting to make an impact.  The Belgian teenager is already a WorldTour one-day race win to the good, with his spectacular triumph in Clásica San Sebastián, and is the European TT champion What more can he achieve? A lot, he thinks

58 Procycling / December 2019
Writer: Barry Ryan
To reach the start line of the Grand Prix Cycliste de Québec, riders must scale the Grande Allée, the graceful street that rises stiffly behind the promontory overlooking the Saint Lawrence River. Most do so gently, twiddling their lowest gears. Remco Evenepoel reports for duty with more vigour, every sinew twitching as he bounds up the slope in the big ring.
At the start, Evenepoel draws up alongside Michał Kwiatkowski, who is distractedly adjusting his power meter, and he playfully thumps a fist in greeting on the ex-world champ’s stem. “How’s the form?” Evenepoel chirps. Kwiatkowski exaggerates a grimace and the youngster laughs heartily. Ba…

Barça de Cruyff


Johan Cruyff garnered worldwide fame as a football player and coach. Today he promotes education in and through sport while managing the retail brand that his name has become.
Text Jelle Brandt Corstius Photography Roger Neve
When he retired as a player and wanted to become a coach, the legendary number 14, Johan Cruyff, found that he had to prove himself all over again: “They said: ‘you were a pretty good player, but what do you know about coaching?’ At first I believed them, but now I know that I have been through the University of Life. After all, I have dealt with many directors at football clubs who are more used to working in banks; they had no footballing background. I, on the other hand, know exactly what a player is capable of and what he might be worth.”
It is the inevitable fate of every travelling Dutchman. No matter where you go – be it a S…