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MAURIZIO EVANGELISTA, Procycling - issue 244 / July 2018 Keeping the best traditions and making changes to make races relevant

You might not believe it but two years ago, the Giro del Trentino – beloved, important, and with 40 years of history – was on the point of death. That’s right: the best preparation race for the Giro d’Italia was almost a goner. There were two reasons our backs were against the wall. One, the UCI did not back up the history and tradition of cycling with sympathetic calendar planning and our race found itself threatened with overlaps. The second problem was a symptom of the first: our finances were low. We were getting closer and closer to the age-old fate of so many races in Italy – closure. Our solution was to expand our region. We entered the Südtirol and crossed the border into Austria. These new regions’ financial input has helped turn the race around. Goodbye Giro del Trentino, hello Tour of the Alps. Some fans may lament the loss of the old name, but just…