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The inside story of Brian Clough at Leeds

The Damned United, the movie dramatisation of Brian Clough's notorious 44-day tenure as manager of Leeds, is released this month. It's great entertainment – but the real story is even more thrilling, argues James Lawton

To a younger generation, the mid-Seventies must seem like a bizarre age. There was the hugely popular television warbler Val Doonican parading each week in a new and gruesome piece of knitwear, and Edward Heath glowering at an upstart named Margaret Thatcher. There were power cuts and three-day working weeks. And in football, we had rioters pouring like lemmings through cities both at home and abroad, while the superstar players lived in what seem now to be inconceivably modest suburban semis, with equally inconceivably big hair and kipper ties.

It was a bizarre enough time for those who can remember that decade in all its glory, let alone those coming to this era afresh, as many now will. But judging by the level of anticipation sparked by the film of The Da…