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Auburn's Bruce Pearl symbolizes the rot in college athletics

Nancy Armour USA TODAY Published 8:03 AM EDT Mar 29, 2019
KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Bruce Pearl could outlive a cat. Just one of his run-ins with the NCAA would have been enough to torpedo the career of pretty much any other coach. There was the secret taping of a recruit to try and bust a rival. There was the barbecue with recruits, at his house, which he made worse by lying about afterward and encouraging his assistants to do the same. There were the assistants caught up in FBI investigations.
Yet here Pearl is, not only still employed, but back in the Sweet 16 for the first time in almost a decade. With Auburn, no less, which doesn’t remotely resemble the kind of backwater school where most disgraced coaches have to go to find redemption.
But that’s Pearl. There is no jam too big for him to escape, no sin too grave for him to be forgiven. Somehow, he’s …