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Patrick Sercu: The Phenomenon

Eddy and I complemented each other. I was the speed, he was the strength and we were friends.” At home with sixties six-day superstar, Patrick Sercu.
Posted on12.02.19 Words: Graeme Fife

Patrick Sercu greets us by the open door into the lower floor of his condominium (he also has the upstairs apartment) and shows us into a spacious, light-filled room, the end wall panelled in glossy maple wood, a flat-screen television, family photographs. A balcony overlooks the garden; at the other end of the room are shelves lined with trophies, a dining table.
Photographer clicks his inbuilt light meter into action and sets off back to get the gear; Hasselblad will get the nod.
I sit on an armchair, Sercu on the settee. He remembers me from Bremen, when we spoke in French, and from a brief encounter at Ghent when he was so busy he had no time to say much more than hello in any language. Now we speak in English.
Where to start? Where Patrick Se…