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Dutch doping book causes stir

Cycling News - May 11, 2010
Former team doctor published study of performance-enhancing methods Peter Janssen discusses the use of EPO in his book "Bloedvorm
Peter Janssen, the former team doctor of Dutch squad Vacansoleil, has released a book called "Bloedvorm" [Blood Form], in which he discusses the dangers of various performance-enhancing substances and methods, including EPO.
Janssen caused some controversy by declaring that small doses of EPO were not harmful to the health of professional cyclists. "Well-dosed, EPO is an extremely safe medicine for patients and athletes alike. If my son would want to ride a Grand Tour, I would want to join him taking a little bit of EPO with me to make him come through it in good health. At the same time, I would advise him not to take it. It is bad to get caught for the rider and even worse for cycling. That's why it's better not to do it - not bec…