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Portrait: Peter Sagan


Thoughtful, funny, clever. In the court of the real Peter Sagan, cycling's new World Champion
WORDS Timothy John

May 15, 1988.
Ayrton Senna laps the street circuit at Monaco a full 1.427 seconds faster than his closest competitor, then double world champion, Alain Prost, who happens to be his team-mate.
Senna’s performance in qualifying is mesmerising, even to him: he will later compare the lap to "an out of body experience".
Peter Sagan is a resident of Monaco and no stranger to extraordinary sporting performances. He shares Senna’s exceptional talent – even his peers consider him uniquely gifted – but I shelve my carefully prepared question: Sagan is too level-headed for such flights of fancy.
He admits to no more than riding on instinct, which isn’t to suggest that he is unthinking. Spend anytime at all with Sagan and the routinely two-dimensional portrayal falls flat as easily as a cardbo…