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'A nuttata lunga quasi una stagione sembrava ormai passata. Quattro successi consecutivi fra campionato e coppe e l'esplosione del 18enne Rashford, due doppiette in tre giorni all'esordio in premier e in Europa League. E stavolta titolare nonostante il recupero di Martial.

Invece, al The Hawthorns, altro tonfo: 1-0 West Brom e nuovo stop alla rincorsa a un piazzamento europeo per la prossima stagione. Obiettivo straminimo se ti chiami United e hai speso, sotto la gestione-van Gaal, 320 milioni di sterline.

Con José Mourinho in lista d'attesa per la prossima stagione, l'olandese - a 64 anni - può ormai permettersi di tutto. È una superstar della panchina, con ingaggio (7 milioni di sterline per altri quindici mesi) e con una clausola di recesso all'altezza della sua fama: dieci milioni di pounds. Aggiungeteci i cinque componenti il suo staff e capirete perché van gaal terminerà comunque la stagione.

Restare ancora fuori dall'Europa, e in particolare dalla Cham…

Part of an era

Events surrounding the 1966 NCAA championship game, from 1963-68:

1963 — More than 200,000 march on Washington, D.C., in the largest civil rights demonstration ever; Martin Luther King Jr. gives his "I Have a Dream" speech.

1964 — President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act, which gives the federal government far-reaching powers to prosecute discrimination in employment, voting and education.

1965 — King organizes a protest march from Selma to Montgomery, Ala., for African-American voting rights. The nation watches on television as police club and tear gas protesters.

1966 — Bill Russell becomes the first black head coach in the NBA for the Boston Celtics.

1967 — Thurgood Marshall becomes the first black justice on the Supreme Court.

1968 — King is assassinated in Memphis.

Facts in 1966:

Blacks in the USA: 11% of the population.
Registered black voters: 60% of the eligible black population.

Don Haskins - The Bear

He was born on March 14, 1930 in Enid, Okla. He played college basketball at Oklahoma A&M (now Oklahoma State) from 1949-52, where he was a second team All-Conference selection as a senior. Haskins split time at the guard and forward positions as a collegian, leading Oklahoma A&M to the NCAA semifinals in 1949 and 1951.

Haskins' coaching career began at Benjamin High School in Benjamin, Texas in 1955. He was a teacher and coach of both boys and girls teams at Benjamin High from 1955-56. Haskins also headed the basketball programs at Hedley (Texas) High School from 1956-60 and Dumas (Texas) High School from 1960-61.

Haskins took over the UTEP program for the 1961-62 season. His first Miner squad notched an 18-6 record. His second UTEP team posted a 19-7 mark during the 1962-63 campaign and made the first of Haskins' 14 NCAA Tournament appearances.

The Miners captured the NCAA title on March 19, 1966, shocking heavily favored Kentucky, 72-65, for the championship. Th…

Glory Road

Times are changing.
I'm Ed Sullivan, and this is Broadway.
I have a dream.
I am the greatest!
By the content
of their character.
Hey, you guys are playing like girls.
Are you kiddin' me?
Hey, hey. Winnaker.
do you want me to get you a skirt?
I'll get you a skirt
if you keep playing like a girl.
There it is, there it is.
Come on, set it up.
Bring it down, bring it down.
Set it up! Set it up!
There it is. Pop the ball.
Pop it in there, pop it in there.
All right, good. There it is.
Congratulations. Coach.
- That's good. That's perfect.
- OK, you do that.
Get your arm up. There it is.
That's good, that's perfect.
You go like this.
All right. Here you go.
- My dad can slam-dunk it.
- Let me do it. Let me do it. Dad!
Great. All right. Mark, that's good.
That's good ball-handling.
Brent, you ready? This is a bounce pass.
It's all right. You'll live.
- It wasn't me. It was Dad.
- Traitor.
I'm not getting in trouble.
Catch …