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...what has turned into a classic Formula 1 season.

With the weather conditions so uncertain,

the drivers prepare for...

...the track is still dangerously wet,

but following a drivers' meeting,

- a decision has finally been taken.

- Three minutes to go.

Everybody off the grid now.

Twenty-five drivers

start every season in Formula 1,

and each year two of us die.

What kind of person

does a job like this?

Not normal men, for sure.

Rebels, lunatics, dreamers.

People who are desperate to make a mark

and are prepared to die trying.

My name is Niki Lauda,

and racing people

know me for two things.

The first is my rivalry with him.


please clear the grid.

What about Hunt? Has he changed?

No, he's going on wets.

I don't know

why it became such a big thing.

We were just drivers

busting each other's balls.

To me this is perfectly normal,

but other people saw it differently,

that whatever it was betw…