Minsk 2019 - Cycling: Road Race

The classic Road Cycling events at MINSK 2019 will undoubtedly attract many spectators as 226 of Europe’s finest cyclists will compete on the roads of Minsk.

Time Trial and Road Race will feature 4 Medal Events over 3 days of competitions which begin on 22 June 2019.
  • Days of competition: 3
  • Competition dates: 22-23, 25 June 2019
  • Medal events: 4
  • Total athlete quota: 226
  • Qualification method: Qualification places for Cycling Road will be determined based on UCI Nation Ranking as of 31 December 2018; Host NOC allocation and Universality places.
  • Road to Tokyo 2020 qualification: Ranking points available
Last 3 km:


Sports: Cycling Road
Construction status: Temporary

The Cycling Road Race will start in the forecourt of the iconic Palace of Republic at Oktyabrskaya Square. The race route for Road Race consists of a 15km circuit throughout the city of Minsk and will include 12 laps for men (180km) and 8 lap for women (120km). 


The race route for Time Trial consists of a 14,08 km circuit throughout the city of Minsk and will include 2 laps for men and women (28,16 km). 

A temporary venue will have the capacity of 400 (TBD) spectators on competition days as well as feature spectating opportunities at various points along the race route.

Last 3 km:


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